Danone | Mały Głód | Case Study

Building "brand equity" on Mały Głód's fanpage

Truly women-centred activations helped us reshape the fanbase profile on Mały Głód's fanpage which in line with the strategic approach. Meanwhile, the masculilne part of the fans hasn't lost its interest, especially in the very dificcult period of Euro 2012 when the communication clutter was extremely big.

Specially dedicated team worked 24/7 to analyse the events in social media in order to find interesting facts, which could trigger more engaging communication on the fanpage, comment and answer all the questions from fans. We created a characteristic form of language of Mały Głód: simmilar to the tone of voice of our consumers. We have adopted the appropriate nomenclature incorporating wordplays and neologisms. The language created by us became a unique element of brand communication.

We shortened the distance between the brand and the consumer by swithcing to first-person-communication. We made sure that the graphics were of high quality, coherent with both the nature of Mały Głód and market trends. The outcome was 800,000 new fans, the public understood the role of Danio in relation to Mały Głód and the campaign was highly appreciated by the industry.