Poczta Polska | Envelo


introduction of the new brand of Poczta Polska - Envelo - to Polish market along with setting up new line of web services: buying and sending postal stamps, letters and cards via Internet.


Poczta Prosta ("Simple Post" a wordplay based on the name: Poczta Polska) - was the name of the marketing campaign which accompanied the introduction of Envelo platform to the maket. The platform is based on smart technology and "lifehacking" idea in which Envelo is a parallel concept to other, simple solutions which make every day life easier. A dedicated team took care of the creation and implementation of such built campaign. In the process we used an original programme, built in-house, which facilitates the communication with the Client during highly developed projects.


Viral and educational movies available on YouTube channel. In the campaign we used SEM search tools, selected elements of direct marketing and reach campaign in the Internet. Advertising posters appeared in 5 000 post office agencies of Poczta Polska. Various marketing activations will last till the end of 2014!